Boost Tutorial - Windows

Obtain your subscription link#

Register and Log in your free account on the user page. You will see a button, “subscribe”, on your user panel. Upon Openning the link, you will get your own subscription link.

Start the client#

Uncompress the downloaded file to a directory.

There are two versions

  • *-dotnet4.0.exe (windows 10)
  • *-dotnet2.0.exe (xp, windows 7)

Start the client, you will see a paper plane icon in your system tray.

Right click the icon, you will get the menu popped up.

Enter your subscription link#

Within the menu, select the “Servers Subscribe -> Subscribe Setting”.

Add the subscription link you just obtained in the window popped up. Make sure that you enabled the auto update option. And click “OK” button.

Update servers subscription#

Within the menu (again), you select the “Servers Subscribe -> Update Subscribe SSR node(bypass proxy)”. This will update the servers through your subscription link.

Once succeeded, you will see servers updated in the submenu of “Servers”

Select your server#

Within the menu (again), choose and enable one server in the submenu of “Servers”.


Within the menu, enable “Mode -> Global”.

Optimize (optional)#

Within the menu, make sure that “Bypass Rule -> Bypass LAN & China” is enabled.
Then enable “Mode -> PAC”.

Now, you are good to go.