Boost Tutorial - Android

Obtain your subscription link#

Register and Log in your free account on the user page. You will see a button, “subscribe”, on your user panel. Upon Openning the link, you will get your own subscription link.

Start the client#

Install the downloaded apk file. The new app “SSRR” comes with a “paper plane” icon.

Open profiles setting screen#

Touch the menu rounded with blue rectangle. This opens the “Profiles” screen.

Add SSR Subscription#

Touch the big circle menu button under the bottom. Select the “Add/Update SSR Subscription” menu.

Touch “ADD URL” button on the window popped up.

Enter the subscription link just obtained and touch “OK”.

Touch “SAVE AND UPDATE” to close the screen.


Choose and touch one of the profiles just updated. This navs back to the main screen.

Touching the circle “paper plane” button on the upper right corner of the screen starts
the boost service.

Optimize (optional)#

Before touch the circle “paper plane” button, Choose “Bypass LAN & China” under “Route” option.
This would optimize the boost service.

Now, you are good to go.